Summer 2019 Update!

This summer has gone by so quickly! We have had the opportunity to travel and visit with many friends and colleagues that work in other parts of the world.

In June, our sending fellowship from NC organized a retreat for us and other fellow members serving overseas. This was such an impactful and refreshing week for us. We were able to hear the Word preached as well as worship together with others in our own language for the first time since we moved overseas! We were soaking up every second spent with others that week. We came home with our hearts full!

In the month of July we had some very special visitors come to our part of the world! Our dear friend from Georgia came for almost 2 weeks at the beginning of the month! And then toward the end of the month we had a family visit that works in another part of the world. N loved playing with their son! We got to show them around our new country and city and loved growing in friendship with each of them.

August came and went in a blur! The first week we were out of town at a conference with other overseas workers. We so enjoyed spending time with friends that week as well as sitting under more great teaching of the Word. N also got to participate in a VBS program that week. He made some crafts, learned new songs, made new friends! At the end of the month we got to experience a new national holiday here. St. Stephen’s Day on August 20th. Our city had many cultural events going on for 2 weeks. We enjoyed getting to experience and learn new things about our new culture!

Throughout our many travels and visitors this summer, we have continued to be faithful in our language learning. We re-vamped our language learning program this summer and we feel more confident in what we are doing now than before. We have a new book and a new focus for trying to pass our first official language test in December. Overall, this summer was a huge blessing to us. We feel so encouraged and ready to dive deeper into our language learning journey this fall.

Prayer requests:

-that we would have much focus and determination this fall as we prepare for our first language exam in December.

-Pray for Nehemiah as he starts preschool on September 2nd! He will spend half days in a full Hungarian speaking preschool 5 days a week. Pray that he would make deep friendships and pray for his ability to continue learning a new language and culture in this season.

-Pray we would entrust Nehemiah to the Lord, especially in this new season with lots of changes.

-Pray for many opportunities to share and develop friendships with the lost at N’s preschool. This is a new window of opportunity for us to meet other parents and to build more relationships with others!



Best friend!


Crete, Greece!


Just a boy and his googles!


The Mediterranean Sea!


N’s favorite treat. Chimney Cake!


Amsterdam, Netherlands!

One thought on “Summer 2019 Update!

  1. Thank you for the update. Matthew started a new school for his senior year. CCA closed for lack of enrollment. He is settling into his new environment well. Also playing football. Miss you so much! Love you guys. Aunt Theresa xoxox


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