Fall Update!!

This fall has flown by for us! As of September 20th, we have lived in Hungary for ONE year! We are so thankful for how the Lord has sustained us and challenged us in the last year! Thank you to all who have prayed for us this last year and continue to do so, we could not be here without the many prayers of God’s people!

We celebrated Nehemiah’s 3
rd birthday with new friends, Daniel’s mom came to surprise N for his birthday, we celebrated 1 year living in Hungary, and Nehemiah started going to national preschool! 

We celebrated Daniel’s 31
st birthday as well as our 6th wedding anniversary! We were also able to take some time as a family to have some fun and also participate in some activities with our local church. We continue to study Hungarian and can definitely see progress in our language acquisition. 

Some of you may already know but to those of you who do not, we are expecting our second child due to arrive in late March!! We are incredibly thankful to the Lord for this new life!! Please be in prayer for our new baby and our family as we navigate healthcare decisions and prepare for this adjustment as a family. Needless to say, Nehemiah is excited to be a big brother! 

November looking into December:
Daniel will attend a pastor’s conference in the next week with other national pastors. Daniel’s parents are able to come spend Thanksgiving with us so we are super excited for them to be here. We will be spending the next few weeks pushing hard through language as we prepare for our first exam. 
We have our first exam December 6th and this will tell us where we are at in this process. Please pray for us as we prepare for the exam! 

     We are putting a link at the end of our update, this is Nehemiah’s favorite song for family worship this month. It is called “Heart Won’t Stop” by John Mark McMillan. The song is inspired by Psalm 139, an awesome reminder of God’s love for his children. We encourage you to read the Psalm and listen to the song sometime in the next month and hope it is encouraging. 

Link to song:

Heart Won’t Stop by John Mark McMillan



Prayer Points:

  • Pray for us as we continue to acquire language and learn more about Hungarian culture. 
  • Pray that we will not get sick as winter approaches and the temperature drops. 
  • Pray for the people we have shared the gospel with, that God would bring them to faith. 
  • Pray that we would not be discouraged. 




Celebrating N’s 3rd birthday!

Mom came to visit for N’s birthday!

Daddy and N skating together!

Beautiful tree in our city!

We took a couple of vacation days near the mountains and got to hike through the woods!

IMG_2196IMG_2211Trick or treating with other expat friends!

IMG_1250D hiking with our church on a national holiday here.

4 thoughts on “Fall Update!!

  1. We are ecstatic to hear about the new baby!! So happy for you guys! If it’s ok..we would love to send a care package for Christmas ❤️ We continue to pray that God watches over you all. We look forward to the updates!
    Love you guys!!
    Steve and Mary


  2. Hey Block Fam!! I love seeing the pictures! Rachel you look so cute with your baby bump! I don’t know why all your blogs and pictures make me emotional but they do haha!! So proud of you guys and all you are doing for the kingdom! I know it isn’t easy! Sending you some love from the states ❤️


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